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Colorectal surgeons, unlike gastroenterologists, treat many diseases, such as pruritus ani (analitching), anal pain caused by an overactive pelvic floor muscle (levator ani syndrome), and anal intraepithelial neoplasia (AIN) which is thought to be a pre-cancerous anal condition.


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Various topical hemorrhoid creams can be used to treat many of the hemorrhoidal symptoms. Exercising after a hemorrhoidectomy should be discontinued (hold off on the bench presses and using barbells). As caffeine may aggravate hemorrhoidal symptoms, temporarily holding off on that morning cup of coffee may help.


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Colorectal cancer is sadly one of the more common malignancies affecting people of all races, locations and genders. When, for various reasons, the lining of the colon or rectum begins to have uncontrolled overgrowth of its lining, a colon polyp may form and then transform into a colon or rectal cancer.


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Anal pain, can be avoided by not using any soap on the anal area. Washing with water will suffice. For a variety of reasons, an anal fissure, may develop, causing anal pain. Of a larger concern, is the development anal condyloma, also known as anal warts.


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When the hemorrhoid symptoms are severe or prolonged such that the hemorrhoids need to be removed, a hemorrhoidectomy is performed by a proctologist. While there are many methods of performing a hemorrhoidectomy, a stapled hemorrhoidectomy (also known as PPH) may be performed.


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Hemorrhoids are a collection of arteries, veins, nerves and connective tissue located around the anal opening. Tailbone pain is a common hemorrhoidal symptom. We offer many hemorrhoid treatment options, including a colonoscopy, which can helps us ensure the symptoms are only hemorrhoidal in nature.


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Often, patients will see a proctologist as a first step, and other times a gastroenterologist will refer patients to the colorectal surgeon. Additionally, when necessary, both groups can treat clostridium difficile (c. diff.) using fecal microbial transplant (FMT) when traditional antibiotics have failed.


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Robotic surgery is performed by highly trained Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgeons, also known as proctologists, at Cedars-Sinai Medical center. Los Angeles is home to the most highly trained and skilled colon and rectal surgeons.


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Anal warts are associated with the development of anal cancer, also known as squamous cell carcinoma of the anus. As the anal canal is a sensitive, and possibly embarrassing part of the anatomy, causing some patients to avoid seeking treatment with a female proctologist.


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Ruptured hemorrhoid symptoms include non-dangerous rectal bleeding. While frightening, this bleeding is not a cause for concern other than the need for an early visit to the proctologist. The problem usually be treated in the office setting.