Insurance Information And Verification for Colorectal Patients

If you are worried about the cost of surgery, you don’t have to be. Most colorectal treatments and procedures are covered by the majority of insurance companies in the United States, as long as certain requirements are met. Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates work together with major insurance carriers and their patients to ensure that we provide you the best possible care at the most affordable rates.  We are certified by Medicare.

Please contact your insurance directly to guarantee benefits and coverage. Our billing department will be happy to assist with claims as well as inquires for services provided. Please email all billing related matters to

We Welcome Patients With PPO Insurance and Medicare

Insurance questions can be complicated, and we can help you make sense of your benefits. Most PPO insurance policies, such as those offered by Aetna, Anthem and Blue Shield, as well as by Medicare, are accepted by Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates.

We advise that you call your insurance company directly to guarantee coverage prior to your first office visit.

We are participating providers with the companies listed below.   This is not a complete list.  Please phone our office or your insurance company for more information.

United Health Care insuranceTriWest Healthcare Alliance InsuranceMulti Plan insuranceMotion Picture & Television Fund insuranceMedicare insuranceHumana insuranceHealth Net insuranceGreat West Life Co insuranceCoventry Health Care insuranceCigna Health Care insuranceCedars-Sinai Health insuranceBlue Shield of California Health insuranceAnthem Blue Cross insuranceUnited Health GroupAetna insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health insurance

Colorectal Patients Without Insurance

For individuals who require colorectal treatment and are not covered by an insurance plan, we can help to provide affordable surgical care.  For more information about our fee schedule, contact us at (310) 273-2310.

What are the costs involved in Colorectal Surgery?

Your colorectal surgery will usually consist of four costs; a surgery fee, a surgical facility fee, an anesthesia fee and possibly the fees of a pathologist . The surgical fee is paid to your surgeon to perform your procedure, and our rates are based on which type of treatment you require and how complicated the procedure is. The facility fee will need to be paid to the surgical center or hospital to cover the costs of materials and the use of the operating room. The cost of anesthesia will depend on how long your procedure will take, and the fee is paid to the anesthesiologist.  Finally, if a specimen is examined under a microscope, a fee will be paid to the pathologist.  All of these groups function independently from our surgeons and we may be able to help you understand these costs in advance of your procedure.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Contact friendly staff if you have any questions regarding your health insurance policy. Our office is open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5.00 PM, and we can be contacted at (310) 273-2310.

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