Cutting Caffeine to Control Hemorrhoids

Medically reviewed by: Gary H. Hoffman, MD

Cutting Caffeine to Control HemorrhoidsThough it may not be possible to get rid of painful hemorrhoids in Los Angeles without medication or surgery, certain lifestyle and dietary changes can help you cope with and prevent painful symptoms. Because consuming high amounts of caffeine may lead to digestive issues that prevent hemorrhoids from healing, it is commonly recommended to avoid the stimulant during treatment for hemorrhoids.

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What’s wrong with Caffeine?

Like nicotine, caffeine has a stimulating effect on the digestive system. When consumed in high quantities, it can lead to either constipation or diarrhea, both of which can irritate and even re-open hemorrhoids as they heal. Though caffeine does not have this effect on everyone, it is generally a good idea to avoid things that contain the substance if you hope to have a quick and relatively pain-free recovery from hemorrhoids.

Still, caffeine is a consistent part of the American diet—it kick starts the day for many people and hides in more foods than you may realize. Caffeine sources you may want to avoid include:

  • Tea
  • Soda
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Energy drinks
  • Medications like Excedrin

If you need help kicking the caffeine habit, there are many strategies that may help. Try limiting your caffeine intake by:

  • Finding alternatives. Sometimes, cutting down on caffeine is difficult not because we are addicted to the substance, but because consuming it is a habit. Many people crave a hot beverage early in the morning, and you can enjoy one without the caffeine rush. Though decaffeinated coffee still contains 25 mg of caffeine, this is drastically reduced from regular (which contains between 95 and 200 mg). Caffeine-free herbal teas can provide tons of flavor without caffeine, while green tea has only 24 to 40 mg per cup. You should also never underestimate the value of drinking water, which can be a big help in regulating digestion.
  • Cutting it out gradually. For those who are consistent caffeine drinkers, going cold turkey can cause caffeine withdrawal, which may lead to fatigue, headaches and trouble concentrating. To avoid such symptoms, it may be a good idea to ease yourself off of caffeine by incorporating alternatives like those above at a gradual pace. This will allow your body to adapt to the change.

Cutting Caffeine to Control Hemorrhoids in Los Angeles

Of course, you shouldn’t worry exclusively about the caffeine you’re drinking—it’s also important to pay attention to the food you’re eating. Remember that a high-fiber diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes is valuable to all-around digestive health. Ask your colorectal specialist if you have any questions about dietary changes during treatment for hemorrhoids in Los Angeles.

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