Robotic Rectopexy & Prolapse Repair

Medically reviewed by: Gary H. Hoffman, MD

Rectal Prolapse Repair Using Robotic Surgery Techniques.  Cedars-Sinai.

Rectal prolapse is a condition in which, for unknown reasons, the rectum protrudes through the anal opening during bowel movements.  Constipation is not uncommon among those suffering the ill effects of rectal prolapse.  The constipation causes the patient to “push harder” to effect a bowel movement.  This increased pressure forces the rectum out through the anal opening.  Many operations have been devised to correct this condition.  The Surgeons of Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates are using robotic surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to perform a rectopexy, the name of one of the more common types of operations.

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Colon and rectal surgeons, also known as proctologists, have long known about rectal prolapse and the stress that the disorder places on the lives of those who experience it.  Many operations have been developed to treat this condition.  These operations are performed either through the abdomen, or the perineum, that area around your anal opening.

The Abdominal Approach.  Laparoscopic or Robotic.

In operations performed through the abdomen, patients are asleep in the operating room.  Obviously, the operation must be performed at a hospital such as Cedars-SinaiMedicalCenter in Los Angeles.  Commonly, the laparoscopic technique is used to effect the repair.  More and more, robotic technology is being used.  There are advantages to both approaches.  However, the goal remains the same; to anchor, or fix, the rectum to the sacrum (the large bone in the back of the pelvis).  Sometimes, an amount of colon next to the rectum is removed.  The removed piece is called the sigmoid colon.  Results are excellent and many patients report a drastic improvement in lifestyle.

The Perineal Approach.

The most common perineal approach is called the Altemeir repair.  Conceptually, the part of the rectum that is protruding from the anal opening is surgically removed, thus making it difficult for the now shortened rectum to protrude.  This approach also yields good results and is performed in a hospital setting with the patient asleep.

Which Is Best For You?  Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates.

The decision as to the best approach for the rectopexy is complex and takes several factors into account.  The surgeons of Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates are board certified and have many years of experience in treating rectal prolapse and all disease of the colon, rectum and anus.  They utilize the most appropriate approach for each patient.  This may be a perineal approach or an abdominal approach.  In the case of the abdominal approach, the operation may be performed in a robotic assisted fashion, laparoscopically or open.  The care of each patient is individualized.

By calling (310) 273-2310, you can schedule a confidential appointment.  You will be examined and will be able to ask questions about your care and proposed operation.  Knowledge and education about any illness are important aspects of patient care.  Much literature is available regarding a range of colon and rectal surgical topics.  Start today.

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