Fiber: Eating Healthier & Relieving Hemorrhoids

Eating a diet high in fiber is a good lifestyle move for enhanced health—plus it can help you fight hemorrhoids in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles!

High Fiber for Better Health, Fewer Hemorrhoids

When you hear about dietary trends for enhanced health, there are a few recommendations that stick around. The high fiber diet has long outlived the standard life of a fad diet, and now commonly receives the attention it deserves as a generally healthy dietary habit. Among the many health benefits you can experience from eating a high fiber diet, this dietary plan can actually reduce your risk of developing hemorrhoids in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Eating a diet high in fiber helps prevent hemorrhoids by encouraging loose stools and discouraging straining during bowel movements. Since foods high in fiber take longer to digest you are more likely to stay full longer after a meal heavy in fiber. This promotes weight loss, which reduces your risk for developing hemorrhoids as well.

Eating Fiber for Optimal Health

The UDA recommends that every adult consume at least 14 grams of fiber per every 1000 calories eaten. According to many survey results, the typical man or woman only consumes about half of the fiber they should be eating daily. Of course, this recommendation does not stand for those with inflammatory bowel disease in Beverly Hills, as IBD sufferers are generally advised to follow a low-fiber diet for the sake of their intestinal health.

So, what is the matter with not eating enough fiber? The best answer to that question will likely come from within, as your stomach and intestinal tract experience a great deal of trouble properly digesting food when you aren’t consuming enough fiber.

Here are a few other benefits that come with eating a diet high in fiber:

  • Live longer: Eating a diet high in fiber can actually promote longevity, according to a large government study.
  • Prevent cancer: Specifically, eating a diet high in fiber promotes colon health and can reduce your risk of developing colon cancer.
  • Reduce your risk of a heart attack: Eating a high-fiber diet long term is associated with a greatly reduced risk of heart attack. This is the finding of a Harvard study that evaluated the heart health of more than 40,000 male adults.

Preventing hemorrhoids isn’t the only reason to add more fiber to your diet. Making simple dietary changes like this can promote overall better health. Before you make any changes to your diet be sure to speak with your colorectal specialist to make sure that a high-fiber diet is okay for you.