Hemorrhoids. The Colorectal Surgeon’s Bag of Office Tricks.

The Proctologist’s Bag Of Tricks.

Hemorrhoids. The Colorectal Surgeon’s Bag of Office Tricks.By now, most of us are aware of hemorrhoids and aware of the over the counter remedies available to us.  But, what if the easy steps fail to bring about relief?  What if everything that you have tried does not bring about relief.  What if your colorectal surgeon (also known as a proctologist) in Los Angeles or Beverly  Hills has tried all of the non-invasive maneuvers and you are still plagued by the annoying symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease? Don’t despair.  There are more non-invasive interventions available.

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Hemorrhoids.  What Are They And Who Has Them?

What are hemorrhoids?  They are a collection of veins, arteries and nerves around the anal opening.  They are normal, until they swell and stretch their overlying lining.  Then, trouble begins.  A swollen lining can secrete a moist discharge.  This leads to itching; often severe itching.  Bleeding may ensue and pain may accompany any of these other symptoms.  Fifty percent of American adults have hemorrhoids.

What can be done in the office setting to alleviate the bothersome symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease?  Your proctologist may suggest the following:

Try This.

  • Hemorrhoid injections, also known as hemorrhoidal sclerotherapy.  While lying comfortably on your side, the doctor will inject a very small amount of a solution designed to shrink the internal hemorrhoid.  One hemorrhoid per session is treated and the injection is placed quickly and painlessly under the lining next to (not in) the hemorrhoid.  The injections are safe and have been used for many years.  Although the shots are not curative, they may diminish your symptoms to a point whereby you feel normal.

Or This.

  • Infrared coagulation.  Sometimes your proctologist may administer a form of heat called infrared coagulation in an attempt to shrink or shrivel the hemorrhoid.  As the treated hemorrhoid is an internal hemorrhoid, the treatment should not bother you, as the internal hemorrhoids are usually insensitive to infrared coagulation.  One hemorrhoid per session is treated.  Over time, the hemorrhoid should shrink.  This form of treatment may be permanent.

Or This.

  • Rubber band ligation.  Certain internal hemorrhoids look like a cherry on a stalk.  They cause the same symptoms as flatter hemorrhoids, but because of their configuration, they may be amenable to rubber band ligation.  Again, while you are lying on your side, your colorectal surgeon will slip a tight rubber band around the hemorrhoid in an effort to let it then fall off.  You may or may not feel a slight feeling of pressure following the treatment.  This pressure should resolve quickly.  One hemorrhoidal group is treated per session.  Although occasionally prone to failure, these treatments can be permanent.  Rubber band ligation should be performed only by a colorectal surgeon trained in the technique.  Other specialists have attempted to try ligation with new, supposedly “fool proof” banding techniques.  These techniques have been found to be a problem and banding should best be performed by a specialist.

Los Angeles Colon And Rectal Surgical Associates.

As with any treatment, you should consult a qualified specialist for information.  Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates has trained, board certified surgeons who will consult with you, examine you and treat you expeditiously in the least invasive manner possible.  (310)273-2310

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