Hemorrhoids Home Treatments: Do They Work?

Medically reviewed by: Gary H. Hoffman, MD

Mom And Grandma Usually Know Best!

Hemorrhoids.  A fact of modern life.  A fact of life in the big cities like Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.  Almost 50% of adults have symptomatic hemorrhoids.  And the symptoms can be bothersome.  Any of the symptoms may bother you.  Pain, itching, bleeding, discharge or protrusion may interfere with your daily activities.  Worse yet, you may be plagued by all of these symptoms.  What can you do?  Can your mother’s old fashioned remedies help?  Why not?  She learned her little treatments from her mother.  And grandma learned them from her mom.  And so on.  So why not give mom’s remedies a try.   (And by the way, when the home remedies fail, you can always call a proctologist).

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Hemorrhoids.  What Are They?

Hemorrhoids are veins.  They surround the anus.  Indeed, all body parts have veins that return blood to the heart.  The problem with these anal veins is that the lining over the veins may stretch and become irritated, leading to all of the symptoms.  Nobody knows for sure why these originally normal veins dilate and stretch.  We do know that animals that walk on 4 legs and do not stand upright, do not develop hemorrhoids.  Gravity does not have a chance to work on an anal area that does not sit on a toilet for long periods of time or on an anal area that is not subject to straining in the vertical position.  Perhaps gravity is the culprit.

What Would Mom Do? (Hint…The Same Things As your Proctologist)

Here are your mother’s treatments (and by the way, they are the same that your colorectal surgeon, or proctologist will ask you to try):

  • Do not clean your anal area with soap of any kind.  Soap is soap and no matter what the soap or body wash label says, it is soap and it will hurt and it will irritate your anus.  You wouldn’t put soap in your eye, so do not put it you-know-where.  By the way, stool is water soluble.  If you must clean down there, use water, witch hazel, baby wipes or…nothing at all.  The anus is remarkably self-cleaning.  You will not smell bad and you will not be dirty.  No soap.
  • No prolonged sitting on the toilet.  No straining.  Get on the commode.  Do your business and then walk away.  If you need an occasional softener, there are many over the counter medications available.  Fiber, methylcellulose products, fruits and vegetables will do the job.  Get on and off of the toilet as quickly as possible.  Save the sports section or fashion journals for the breakfast table, or for your 10 minute break at the office.
  • Keep your anal area moist.  A thin layer of Vaseline can be used if needed.  Vaseline is soothing, and is the commonest component of many of the advertised home remedies.
  • Eat healthy.  Be nice to your parents and friends.  Study hard and enjoy life.  Develop hobbies and love your friends.  Reduce your stress.

Los Angeles Colon And Rectal Surgical Associates.

(Mom and More)

At Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates, you can get help when the easy remedies do not work.  You can learn how to coddle your anal area.  Your board certified physician will examine you and treat you in the least invasive fashion possible.  Call (310)273-2310 to schedule an appointment.

Mom and grandma knew what they were doing.  listen to their voices.  Your hemorrhoids will thank them.

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