Transanal Lesion Excision: Polyp & Tumor Removal

Video Transcription:

Often times, following a colonoscopy or following the onset of new symptoms, patients seek guidance from their colorectal surgeon. Many times they are found to have a small early growth or polyp in the anal canal, and Lapeer Health Systems’ board certified surgeons are eminently capable of removing these growths.

The procedure itself is called a transanal lesion excision. The procedure can often be done as an outpatient under sedation. Once removed, the lesion is sent to the pathologist for evaluation under the microscope. Fortunately, most of these are benign and this puts a stop to any future problems because the lesion has been removed.

The procedure is safe and, more importantly, effective at removing a potential source of future problems. The dentate line is heavily endowed with nerve fibers. Most of these tumors that we are talking about occur above this area where there are no classical pain fibers. As such, when the lesion is removed the pain fibers are not disturbed because they are very scarce. The post-operative period is relatively comfortable as no pain fibers have been disturbed during the removal of the lesion.

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