Colorectal Surgery & Care in Sherman Oaks

For any condition of the colon, rectum or anus in Sherman Oaks, treatment is available at Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates

Colorectal Surgery and Care in Sherman Oaks, Los AngelesThough colorectal conditions often cause serious discomfort, you can find relief with the help of a colorectal specialist. The team of experienced colorectal surgeons at Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates is dedicated to offering the best care available for colorectal conditions in Sherman Oaks and the greater Los Angeles area.

Our practice has provided quality care since 1957 and makes compassionate treatment its priority. Our team includes five highly experienced colorectal surgeons (or proctologists): Dr. Gary Hoffman, Dr. Eiman Firoozmand, Dr. Liza Capiendo, and Dr. Stephen Yoo.

Treatment of Colorectal Conditions in Sherman Oaks

If you suffer from a colorectal condition or need a diagnostic procedure like colonoscopy in Sherman Oaks, you can find quality care at our nearby office.

The combined expertise of our diverse surgical team makes us capable of addressing a wide range of conditions that affect the colon, rectum and anus. Regardless of the condition you suffer from in Sherman Oaks, our colorectal specialists can help you find the root of the problem and an effective form of treatment.

Residents of Sherman Oaks can visit Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates for conditions that include:

Our team will perform diagnostic tests to accurately determine if you suffer from these conditions or other in Sherman Oaks. Such procedures include:

Colonoscopy in Sherman Oaks

Colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure frequently used to detect abnormalities that may be causing colorectal symptoms. If the root of your symptoms is unclear in Sherman Oaks, colonoscopy can help your colorectal specialist determine an effective form of treatment. Additionally, colonoscopy is recommended every five to 10 years to test for colon cancer in those over 50 who are at a higher risk of the disease.

Colonoscopy is performed with a specialized instrument called a colonoscope. This tool allows your colorectal specialist to view the large intestine and rectum with a light and camera, helping him or her assess your digestive health. During a colonoscopy, pre-cancerous polyps can also be removed, while your colorectal specialist may take biopsies for further testing.

To learn more about how Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates can help you with colorectal surgery and colonoscopy in Sherman Oaks, contact us today.

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