Healing Anal Fissure: At-home treatments to aid your recovery

Heal anal fissure in Beverly Hills or Culver City with your colorectal specialist and these at-home remedies.Straining against bowel movements can result in several problems, including a painful anal fissure. If you’ve developed an anal fissure, then you may be aware that this condition is typically accompanied by sharp, stinging pain and possibly bleeding during bowel movements.

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With the help of your colorectal specialist in Beverly Hills and Culver City, an anal fissure will typically resolve within a few days or weeks, but there are also individual strategies you can employ to make your recovery from an anal fissure more comfortable and quick. Here are some at-home remedies to use during anal fissure treatment.

  • Sitz bath. When it comes to relieving painful rectal conditions, warm water can do wonders. To draw a warm sitz bath, fill the tub with a few inches of warm water and sit in it for about 20 minutes a few times a day. This will help your sphincter relax while also promoting proper healing—just be sure not to use bubble bath, soaps, oils or other bathwater additives that may irritate the region. A sitz bath may be particularly helpful after a bowel movement.
  • Find fiber. Eating enough fiber will help to soften your stools, making bowel movements easier. Any time you strain against a bowel movement, it will create pressure, which has the potential to cause an anal fissure or open one that is healing. You can get more fiber by eating whole grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables, while your colorectal specialist may also recommend stool softeners or laxatives if needed. Just be sure not to increase your fiber intake too rapidly, as this can lead to uncomfortable bloating.
  • Switch your wipes. Because toilet paper can irritate an anal fissure, it may be a smart choice to use medicated pads or baby wipes after a bowel movement. Soft and sanitary, these products will be much more forgiving on your recovering fissure.
  • Exercise. A strenuous workout may be the last thing on your mind while dealing with the pain of an anal fissure, but exercise can be a huge help in avoiding constipation by improving circulation. Try to get about 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day, even if it’s as simple as going for a walk around your block. Avoid lifting weights or engaging in activities that may cause you to strain and aggravate the anal fissure as it repairs.
  • Drink. Being properly hydrated prevents constipation. As you recover from an anal fissure, drink enough water to make your urine appear light yellow or clear.

Recovering from anal fissure can be painful, but with the help of your colorectal specialist and these at-home remedies, you too can be free of this unpleasant condition. If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms of an anal fissure in Beverly Hills or Culver City, be sure to contact your colorectal specialist immediately for assessment.

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