What Can I Expect If I Need A Hemorrhoid Removal Procedure in Los Angeles?

Medically reviewed by: Gary H. Hoffman, MD

Although it is rarely the first line of defense against inflamed hemorrhoids, sometimes our patients require a hemorrhoid removal procedure ( a hemorrhoidectomy) in order to get the relief they are looking for. There are a number of ways we can perform hemorrhoid surgery, and we will discuss our recommendations with you in-depth before scheduling your procedure. This makes it easier to understand what to expect and should help reduce your stress about the procedure.

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When Would I Need A Hemorrhoid Removal (hemorrhoidectomy) Procedure in Los Angeles?

We often try other ways of eliminating symptoms and reducing inflammation before resorting to hemorrhoid surgery. Usually, these measures are effective, and we can treat most cases in our office. This may include any number of non-invasive or less invasive treatments, ranging from medication to painless hemorrhoid injections, to rubber band ligation, which is one of the least invasive options for hemorrhoid removal.

In the most severe cases and those with a high risk of recurrence, though, sometimes a surgical removal procedure is the best option. We will recommend surgery only when we believe that non-operative treatments have failed, or when it is absolutely necessary to offer you immediate relief or to prevent similar issues in the future. We know facing any surgery is scary, so we will do what we can to help you understand what to expect and help you feel comfortable and confident during the procedure and during your recovery.

What Types of Los Angeles Hemorrhoidectomies Are Available?

Many people mistakenly believe that a traditional surgical hemorrhoidectomy is the only option if you require a hemorrhoid removal procedure. Luckily, medical science has advanced significantly over the past few years, and there are several outpatient options available.

Surgical Hemorrhoidectomy

In a traditional hemorrhoidectomy, we would simply cut the inflamed tissue out. We would use scalpels, cauterizing instruments, and other tools to seal off veins and then remove them. Because this leaves an open wound, we would likely have to suture it closed before dressing the area. As you can probably guess, Surgical Hemorrhoidectomy is an invasive procedure with a longer recovery time than newer removal methods. Most patients go home the same day, but some stay in the hospital overnight.

Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

Also known as “PPH,” a stapled hemorrhoidectomy is one of the most popular alternatives to a traditional surgical hemorrhoidectomy. This removal procedure relies on a special stapling device instead of a scalpel and other instruments. This is less invasive than traditional surgery, yet it still necessitates several weeks of recovery time and may lead to considerable pain after hemorrhoid surgery. However, most patients report less pain than those who underwent a traditional surgical procedure.

Laser Hemorrhoidectomy

Perhaps the best option available today is a laser hemorrhoidectomy. This procedure is just as effective as traditional surgery but has a greatly reduced recovery time and patients report significantly less pain than those who underwent a traditional hemorrhoid removal procedure. During this surgery, we use a laser to remove the inflamed tissue and instantly cauterize the surrounding vessels. While there are many advantages to this outpatient procedure over other types of surgeries, it is relatively new and the equipment is expensive. Not all hemorrhoid removal procedure specialists offer it, although we believe the benefit to our patients outweighs the expense.

THD (Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization)

This is a relatively new operation whereby the hemorrhoid arteries are identified with a special Doppler probe and the arteries are ligated (tied off). The redundant hemorrhoidal tissue is then lifted up into the anal canal and re-positioned in a more normal location. Performed in a surgical center as an outpatient, touted benefits are less postoperative pain and an earlier return to work. Your proctologist will be able to answer your questions about THD.
How Can I Choose Which Hemorrhoid Removal Procedure in Los Angeles Is Right For Me?

When it comes to choosing which Los Angeles hemorrhoid removal procedure is right for you, you are not in it alone. Not all patients qualify for every option, so we will make a recommendation based on our examination and the health history you give us. We want to ensure you understand your options and feel comfortable with the hemorrhoid treatment we prescribe. During your office visit, we can answer any questions and help you know what to expect based on your specific situation.

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