Inflammatory Bowl Disease (IBD) and Lack of Sleep

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the Possible Connections to Lack of Sleep
New reports state that IBD could be caused from a lack of decent sleep, so if you suffer from IBD, it may be beneficial to look into your sleeping patterns as well as your diet.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (or IBD) is a condition many people have to deal with on a regular basis without need for some medications or dietary changes. If you’re currently experiencing recurring abdominal pain, diarrhea, or even unexplained weight loss, it could be a sign of IBD. Sometimes it can manifest flu-like symptoms that include chills, fever, and feelings of fatigue.

Because of the above symptoms, far too many people may brush it off as something else and never seek proper treatment. But with new reports out that IBD could be caused from a lack of decent sleep, you may also have to look into your sleeping patterns as well as your diet.  A proctologist, also known as a colon and rectal surgeon, may be able to answer your questions.

Is There a Sleeping Disorder Connection?

With sleeping disorders so prevalent in the world, is it possible that how we digest food is connected to sleep? Perhaps that wouldn’t be surprising considering many studies show various conditions are the result of another condition and chain reactions. The proof in the IBD/sleep connection comes in a small study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital and published in the Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology journal.

Out of the group of people studied, it showed those in remission from Crohn’s Disease happened to have a recurrence of the condition while suffering from a sleeping disorder. Other studies show similar links between sleeping disorders and recurrences of ulcerative colitis.

These studies seem to show a tug-of-war between sleeping disorders and IBD conditions. That’s because sleeping disorders activate inflammatory cykotines commonly seen in IBD. And there seems to be a cause and effect on both ends where one condition may be causing the other.

While this may cause confusion in finding a solution, it’s the lack of melatonin in sleeping disorders that may be the key factor in finding a way to treat IBD and sleeping disorders together.

The Importance of Melatonin

In the above IBD study report on Everyday Health, it’s noted how melatonin has been proven to successfully treat colitis in animals. This is leading to some conclusions that melatonin supplements could be the key to finding a way to control IBD without medications or even surgery. Could it be as simple as taking something that those who lose sleep also lack?

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