Scopefest: Dr. Capiendo Colonoscopy Testimonial

Medically reviewed by: Liza M. Capiendo, MD

Video Transcription:

Dr. Liza Capiendo: Hello I’m Dr. Liza Capiendo, and I’m a colorectal surgeon. I just finished having my own colonoscopy, and I’ve woken up and gotten dressed. The sedation was great. Dr. Chen did a great job with the propofol and it was a fantastic sleep. No postop nausea, no problems with waking up and the prep was thorough and clean according to my colonoscopist.   Everything went well. We did find a little polyp that was removed and I’m pretty sure will be benign. So all in all, it was a very pleasant experience. Nothing uncomfortable, aside from the prep, which is a little, bit more of an inconvenience.

It was pretty well tolerated. So all in all, I think this was a good thing to do. I’m glad I did it and, I felt so comfortable with my own colleagues doing my procedure and my anesthesia. They are really world-class physicians and I’m very… I respect them as colleagues and friends.

Colonoscopy is a potentially life saving procedure.  All of the surgeons of Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates perform colonoscopy.  You can reach our offices at (310)273-2310.

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