Medical Treatment for Anal Fissures

There Is A First Time For Everything. An anal fissure is one of life’s more painful conditions.  Often, excruciatingly painful.  And, for patients experiencing the fissure for the first time (yes, it can recur over and over again), the pain is made worse by lack of knowledge as to how to treat the fissure, and

Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Get the PDF version of this article “All Bleeding Stops…Eventually” Usually Upper or Lower. Not Middle. Gastrointestinal bleeding is a common condition and can vary in degree from mild to life threatening. As the name implies, bleeding can be anywhere along the GI tract, but is most common from an upper GI source (esophagus, stomach

Do I Need An Esophagogastroscopy?

Even though you may not recognize the word, you have probably heard of someone having an esophagogastroduodenoscopy. This procedure is more commonly known as an EGD, an upper GI, a gastroscopy or simply an endoscopy. While there are a number of procedures that utilize the flexible, lighted instrument equipped with a camera, the EGD is

Prevention and Management of Nonhealing Perineal Wounds

Get the PDF version of this article The Perineal Wound The  perineal wound  resulting  from  an abdominoperineal resection  (APR) has always   been  considered  troublesome. Miles’  original description  of the treatment of the  perineal incision  involved leaving  it open  to heal by secondary intention, a  strategy resulting in  a  long-term chronic  wound.6 Modern use  of  chemotherapy

Healthy Diet for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

If you have Crohn’s disease, you know the dietary difficulties that come with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Los Angeles is known for its high quality restaurants and superb nutritional choices, but when you struggle with something like Crohn’s disease much of what is considered healthy for others remains problematic for you. Dining out with Crohn’s disease is tough to do, but many find that they even have trouble when trying to prepare foods at home.

Going Herbal with your Gut

Even those who don’t struggle with dietary problems often turn to herbs and vitamins to supplement their regular diet. This habit is often essential for those who struggle with Crohn’s, as IBD can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients. Using supplements can help you meet optimal nutritional levels to reduce the severity of the condition as well as your risk for nutritional deficiencies.

Dining Out With Crohn’s Disease

For Beverly Hills residents with Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, every day can be a challenge. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can rob you of simple pleasures like enjoying your favorite restaurant. If you’re afraid of sparking your symptoms, you may be understandably wary of heading to a restaurant, but eating out is something we all do. Whether for a friend’s birthday party or a lunchtime business meeting, you’ll likely find yourself behind a menu sometime soon.

Stress & Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

If you’ve ever had “butterflies in your stomach,” you know how inextricably linked your mind is to your digestive system. Unfortunately, this link can have uncomfortable consequences for those who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Los Angeles. When stress piles up from dealing with your condition or the other responsibilities of your daily life, the impact it has on your mind can also impact your gut, making the symptoms of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease much worse.

Depression Anxiety & Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dealing with a chronic condition like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Beverly Hills can affect your mind just as it does your body. When IBD symptoms cause constant discomfort, or when another bad flare-up occurs when we believe ourselves to be getting better, it can take a dramatic toll on our mood and behavior.

Colonoscopies Necessary Before 50 Years of Age

For a long time a screening colonoscopy at the age of 50 has been standard practice. This is because you are at an increased risk of developing colon cancer as well as other intestinal conditions after the age of 50. By undergoing a screening colonoscopy before you encounter any symptoms that are inhibiting your digestive health, your colon surgeon can evaluate the health of your large intestine, detect abnormalities early on and even remove pre-cancerous growths or polyps before they have the chance to develop into colon cancer.

Antibiotics Linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBD)

Many parents have long been wary about the use of certain medications and their children’s health. Antibiotics have the healing potential to destroy harmful bacteria in the body. However, they often destroy healthy bacteria in the process. While there may be a relationship between antibiotic use and IBD, the use of antibiotics as directed by a physician should not be feared, as an uncontrolled infection may have more severe and immediate consequences.

Support Systems Make a Difference in IBD Recovery

It is important to remember that you are not alone. In fact, there are plenty of support groups available for people who are getting treatment for IBD in Beverly Hills. One of these support systems is the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, who have offices in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Stay Social for Crohn’s Disease in Beverly Hills

Because Crohn’s disease is a chronic ailment, many sufferers deal with symptoms for long periods of time without remission, and this can make life feel frustrating and lonely. Even with supportive friends and family, the lack of others who truly understand your predicament can make it feel like you’re all alone.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) & Omega Fats

Nutritionists refer to omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as “essential” fats because the body cannot produce them. The human body needs such omega fats to build healthy cells and maintain proper brain and nerve function. The only way the body can obtain these essential fats is from proper food sources. It’s widely known that consuming an adequate ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids is essential to overall health, especially for Los Angeles residents suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Coping With Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Between the unpredictable flare-ups, missed activities and changes in body image, Crohn’s often leads to a wide range of emotions. Though navigating such emotions while managing your disease may seem draining at times, learning to identify and accept them will help you develop strategies for overcoming future emotional hurdles. Once you’ve established a solid set of strategies you can enhance your mood and learn to live beyond the boundaries of your disease.

Study: Vitamin D may help relieve symptoms of Crohn’s disease

With no surefire cure, we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s and IBD, searching for any method of providing relief to the patients who suffer chronically at the hands of these debilitating diseases. Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City believe they may have found a way to relieve the discomfort of these conditions, authoring a study that suggests vitamin D is potentially helpful in fighting Crohn’s disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) & Colon Cancer

Patients with IBD, like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis are at an increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. The connection between these conditions has been established for years, though researchers still debate the exact cause of the comorbidity.

IBD: Traveling with an Uninvited Guest

Travel often means exploring new and unfamiliar places in which you may not know where the nearest bathroom is, and this is a big stressor for many people with IBD. IBD patients are also often told to avoid travel because of an increased risk of infection or a bad flare-up in a location with limited medical facilities or poor hygiene, particularly in developing countries. However, the actual data regarding an increased travel risk for IBD patients is slim, meaning some may want to reconsider their decision to forego vacation plans this summer.

Chron’s Disease: What Foods Patients Should Avoid

Not all foods will affect sufferers of Crohn’s the same way. While spicy foods may not be a problem for some people with Crohn’s, others will be less able to handle the heat. However, there are several foods that all sufferers of the disease may want to steer clear of—especially during a symptom flare-up.

Tips for Healthy Eating With Crohn’s Disease

Patients with Crohn’s disease in Los Angeles and elsewhere can frequently improve their symptoms with a healthy eating plan. One of the first steps in establishing a successful plan is consulting with a nutritionist who has expertise with this disease. Although there is no known cure for this chronic inflammatory bowel disease, each person may have a set of trigger foods that can make the disease worse. Likewise, there are foods that might help alleviate the pain and problems.

Anal Abscess & Perirectal Fistula

With the development of a new material and a relatively painless technique to close a perianal or perirectal fistula, it is useful to review the pathophysiology and treatment options for anal abscesses and anorectal fistulae. The new material, Surgisis®, is composed of po­­­rcine small intestinal submucosa ­rolled into a conical shape and inserted into an existing fistula (figure 1). This allows for tissue ingrowth and fistula closure.

Crohn’s Disease – Operative Intervention

Inflammatory bowel disease, specifically Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, is thought to result from an abnormal immune regulatory process. Whereas ulcerative colitis is a mucosal inflammation confined to the colon, Crohn’s disease may involve transmural inflammation of any portion of the intestinal tract from the mouth to the anus. Non-caseating granulomas are the hallmark pathological finding in Crohn’s disease. Common symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain or weight loss may be controlled using a variety of medications including antidiarrheal medications, 5-aminosalicylates, steroids, immunosuppressive agents, or anti-tumor necrosis factor antibodies.

Ulcerative Colitis – Operative Intervention

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease are the two primary subclassifications of inflammatory bowel disease. Neither entity has a known etiology. However, abnormal immune regulation seems to play a causative role. Both Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease are thought to be autoimmune in origin. Ulcerative Colitis is defined by mucosal inflammation limited to the rectum and colon. Crohn’s Disease – may involve transmural inflammation of all layers of the bowel wall and can affect any portion of the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus.

Anal Rash | Pruritus Ani – For Physicians

Anal itching. Pruritus ani. At one time or another, everyone has experienced this unpleasant sensation. Most often, the delightful scratching of the itch relieves the discomfort and puts a stop to the maddening sensation. Not uncommonly however, the itch occurs at an inconvenient moment, in public, during an intimate social situation or at a time when scratching is not possible without looking a bit ridiculous. Worse, the itching may become chronic, with the need to scratch becoming a constant annoyance, bordering on pain.