Preventing Hemorrhoids

They may not be life threatening or lead to debilitating chronic illness, but hemorrhoids can be extremely painful and embarrassing. Fortunately, risk factors have been identified for this condition, and many of these can be reduced or eliminated entirely. Simple lifestyle changes can help in managing the remaining risk factors. With an estimated 100 million people suffering from the condition, there is an obvious need for early preventative measures for hemorrhoids.

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Easing Bowel Movements

Straining is a major cause of hemorrhoids, as this causes blood to rush to the anus and engorge the capillaries. One way to reduce the need for straining is to eat a diet rich in fiber, which is the same recommendation for preventing many chronic diseases. Sitting for too long on the toilet and straining with bowel movements are both signs of constipation which might lead to the development of hemorrhoids. Besides getting more fiber in the diet, exercise can help reduce constipation.

Another helpful preventative technique is to change posture. Sitting on a toilet puts the pressure of gravity on the anus, and may cause an enlargement of the hemorrhoids. Squatting instead of sitting is another way to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids are a common complaint during pregnancy, and the cause is related to slowing digestion, pressure from the growing baby, and the extra blood flow to the pelvis. Taking supplements improperly may also cause stool to be bulkier than normal. Exercise can help here too, both by enhancing digestion and maintaining a strong circulatory system. Remaining on your left side will make it easier for blood to return to the heart because the baby’s head will no longer be pressing on the inferior vena cava, the main vein to the heart. This will allow for easier emptying of the hemorrhoidal veins.

Other causes

Since they may be caused by other medical problems, including liver disease and infections of the anus, hemorrhoids in Los Angeles that worsen or do not go away on their own should be investigated by a doctor. The use of exercise, increasing the amount of dietary fiber, and drinking more water will prevent many cases of hemorrhoids.

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