Painless Treatment for Hemorrhoids

For many people, symptomatic hemorrhoids are incredibly painful. Fortunately, hemorrhoid treatment doesn’t have to be equally painful. Some practically painless hemorrhoid treatments are available as an alternative to surgery. Here are a few options available to you for hemorrhoid treatment:

  • Local therapy – Stool bulking agents such as fiber help to soften the bowel movement and decrease hemorrhoidal symptoms. Topical creams may also offer symptomatic relief.
  • Injection – In order shrink the blood vessels associated with hemorrhoids, an injection of medicine is made into the mucous membranes nearby the hemorrhoid. Injections are typically performed on smaller hemorrhoids. This form of therapy can be performed in your doctor’s office.
  • Rubber Banding – In this office procedure, a rubber band is placed around the hemorrhoid, effectively stopping the blood flow to the hemorrhoid. In about one week, the hemorrhoid falls off. This procedure is commonly used when a hemorrhoid is protruding out of the anus. Rubber band litigation is a simple procedure, conducted in your Los Angeles, Culver City, Hollywood or Beverly Hills physician’s office.
  • Photocoagulation – For actively bleeding hemorrhoids, a photocoagulation device is used to focus infrared light in a tiny point to destroy the hemorrhoid. This is an office procedure.
  • Hemorrhoidal Arterial Litigation – Hemorrhoidal Arterial Litigation, or HAL, is performed with a Doppler ultrasound flow meter placed through a special proctoscope to locate the hemorrhoidal artery. To stop the blood flow into the hemorrhoid, a suture is used to tie a knot around the artery. The hemorrhoid then involutes.
  • PPH (Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids) – This hi tech procedure is the latest method used to remove hemorrhoids when surgery is required. It is much less painful than a traditional hemorrhoidectomy. It is performed in a surgical center by surgeons specially trained in this technique. Your Los Angeles, Culver City, Hollywood or Beverly Hills surgeon will advise you as to whether you are a candidate for PPH which allows you to return to the activities of daily living much quicker than with a traditional hemorrhoidectomy.