Colonoscopy Preparation: What You Need to Know

Scheduling a colonoscopy is an important part of maintaining your health. Most people know that getting a colonoscopy in Los Angeles involves drinking a liquid medicine several hours before the procedure in order to cleanse the bowels. Although the preparation process can be a bit intimidating, these important tips can help you prepare for the big day.

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Preparing the Laxative:

Mix the laxative well! No matter what kind of liquid laxative your physician ordered, shake or mix the product until the powder is completely dissolved. Ask for your favorite flavor. Liquid laxatives are often available in a variety of flavors to make the taste a little more tolerable. Ask your gastroenterologist or colon and rectal surgeon (proctologist) which flavors are available for you.  Avoid any flavorings or food additives with red coloring. Red coloring may look like blood or tissue inflammation during the colonoscopy. It can also obscure the doctor’s view.

Drinking the Solution:

Follow your physician’s guidelines for clear liquid intake on the day before the colonoscopy. • Drink it cool. Chill the solution, but do not make it cold. Chilling reduces the salty taste. If it is too cold, it can cause cramps when ingested. Don’t sip the solution! If possible, drink each glass of solution quickly to avoid an aftertaste. Rinse between doses. As long as your doctor agrees, rinse your mouth out with cool water in between glasses.

Getting Results:

Remember to get comfortable! Wear loose-fitting clothes to be as comfortable as possible. Pants that can be pulled down easily are ideal. Have moist, flushable wipes ready. Pre-moistened bathroom wipes help prevent chafing and soreness during frequent bowel movements. Make sure that you are prepared, it is often a good idea to remain near a bathroom following the ingestion of the laxative. As always, follow your doctor’s instructions for a colonoscopy in Los Angeles.

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