Avoid an Upset Stomach this Holiday Season

For many people, the holiday splendor of the winter season is filled with equal parts joy and pain—stomach pain that is. If you’re dealing with Crohn’s Disease in Culver City, see your gastroenterologist or colorectal surgeon (proctologist) before the holiday begins, to lay in an emergency supply of stomach-soothing medications. However, if you follow these tips for avoiding an upset stomach, you may not need them.

Over indulgence of alcohol probably tops the list of substances that can cause inflammatory bowel disease (I.B.D.) to act up, but that healthy-looking raw veggie tray may also cause abdominal pain or bloating. Not everyone digests raw fruits and vegetables well, so go easy. On the plus side, raw vegetables may help ward off constipation.

The emotions of the holiday season can also cause digestive difficulty. A long to-do list together with stress over relatives that are coming to visit often leaves you without time to sit down to a proper meal, and this can cause stomach problems whether you’re home with IBD in Culver City or on the road traveling. Stuffing down fast food in the car while the kids are fighting in the back seat as you navigate through heavy traffic is a sure-fire prescription for bowel problems.

Remember the words, “No, thanks” and use them liberally to ward off a third serving of mom’s pumpkin pie, another helping of stuffing, or one more round with the relatives. Overeating, over-imbibing and over-socializing can all cause your stomach to churn over the holidays–but it’s all under your control. For more tips to prevent an upset stomach this holiday season, speak with a gastroenterology or colon and rectal specialist.