10 Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments

Hemorrhoids are a common ailment that many people experience. It is important to speak with your proctologist or colon and rectal surgeon about any pain or discomfort that you are experiencing. In addition to your recommended treatment for hemorrhoids, those that are seeking natural relief from hemorrhoids in Los Angeles may find the following tips helpful.

Change the Diet: Increasing fiber will make stools softer and easier to pass, easing the discomfort of hemorrhoids and making them less likely to cause symptoms.

Increase Fluids: Stool tends to become dry and difficult to pass when there is inadequate fluid intake. Drinking more water may help relieve discomfort.

Cut the Salt: Excess sodium in the diet can make blood vessels swell, aggravating hemorrhoids. Cutting down on salt intake may reduce fluid retention, as well.

Try Witch Hazel: Applying chilled witch hazel oil to hemorrhoids can make them shrink and feel better.

Reduce Weight: Overweight people may be more prone to hemorrhoids because of increased anal pressure. Pregnant women can relieve pain by lying on their left side for 20 minutes every few hours.

Avoid Straining: Straining to pass stool may be one of the main causes of hemorrhoids. Increasing fiber and fluids can eliminate this issue.

Heed the Urge: Passing stool when you feel the urge, rather than waiting may prevent inflammation later on.

Use Wet Wipes: Toilet paper can be too abrasive on hemorrhoids. Wet wipes sooth and cut pain.

Sit in a Warm Bath: A few minutes in a warm, shallow bath with the knees up might increase blood flow to the anal area and reduce the size of the hemorrhoids.

Ask the Doctor: This is the most important form of hemorrhoid treatment. If hemorrhoids do not respond to natural remedies within a couple of weeks, then your proctologist or colon and rectal surgeon should be consulted to possibly avoid more serious problems later on.