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Crohn’s Disease – Healthy Eating Tips

Posted: Jul 26 in Patient Education by

Patients with Crohn’s disease in Los Angeles and elsewhere can frequently improve their symptoms with a healthy eating plan. One of the first steps in establishing a successful plan is consulting with a nutritionist who has expertise with this disease. Although there is no known cure for this chronic inflammatory bowel disease, each person may have a set of trigger foods that can make the disease worse. Likewise, there are foods that might help alleviate the pain and problems. [Read more]

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Constipation – Available Remedies

Posted: Jun 10 in Patient Education by

Get the PDF version of this article Constipation – The Sisyphean Myth of Regularity. Remember Sisyphus, the Greek King of Ephyra? Punished for his hubris, he was made to roll a boulder uphill for eternity. Just before reaching the top of the hill, the boulder would roll down to the bottom of the hill and […]

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Dietary Fiber

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Fiber is an edible material that is derived from the cell wall of plants. It is an essential part of a well-balanced diet whose importance is being increasingly recognized. Studies show that dietary fiber may help prevent such diseases as colon cancer, diverticular disease, elevated cholesterol, chronic constipation and hemorrhoids. We know, for instance, that different countries with higher fiber intakes have lower rates of colon cancer and diverticular disease. A word of caution: these studies are not conclusive or final. They are open to interpretation and need verification.
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